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Emmanuele Cammarano

Emmanuele is an Italian artist. Mostly self-taught, the visual arts have always been his main interest, including drawing and digital photography.

Despite his artistic inclination, he graduated in aerospace engineering in 2005 and has worked as structural engineer in many Countries for nine years. During that time, he continued drawing frantically in the spare time, took drawing classes in Madrid and then basics of painting at the Academy of Como.

In recent times Emmanuele has discovered watercolour and chosen it as his favourite medium of expression. He has preference for urban and rural landscapes, but the inspiration comes from every subjects available outdoors.

Emmanuele likes putting impressions and mood on paper and tries to develop this skill as much as possible. In the early 2014 he discovered some Australian masters and started studying their style and way of painting. In recent times he attended a workshop held by Keiko Tanabe in Milan.

Emmanuele is member of the Italian Watercolor Association (AIA).