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Elena Bolgova

I was born in 1973 in Northern Caucauses, Russia. I started my professional education at 11 years old. I'm graduated from saint-Petersburg State Academy of Art and Design. I live in Saint-Petersburg, Russia.
Project "Venice. Lethe's waters" originates in my plein air sketchs in ink, watercolor, pastel, graphite pencil and roller pen.
Admiring baroque drawing and music and being artist of XXI century I combine artistic methods of both epochs eclectically.
Staying in Venice for a while you can see two different cities. One that celebrates something, noises, smiles and lazily wasting leisure on Piazza di San Marco. There are pigions, Babylon crowd, suvenir glass shops and cafes. Sweetest idleness reigns here all year round without worries.
But once you step aside from main turists tracks deep silence strikes you and you feel sudden solitude. Maze of narrow alleys and canals, green water with still reflections of ancient palaces absorbs you. Everything resenble bygone fogotten dream. You sinking into slight oblivion. "I"- losing itself, personality doesn't burden you. You have traversed Lethe's Waters...When you will return back you never will be the same. And that is most precious gift of Venice.